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As we jet around the world from contract to contract, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in touch with all those like-minded souls that we briefly meet, work with, and then drunkenly exchange out-of-date and mis-spelled email addresses scrawled on soggy beermats using burnt matchsticks or the barmaid's eyeliner. Er, with.

Well, help is at hand. The CCCCC exists purely to help Cool:Poser Computer Contractors to contact other Cool:Poser Computer Contractors. That's what we're here for. We've been doing it for as long as there's been a 'C' in the name, and we like to think that we're tolerably good at it.

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The Latest News and Rumours

Those nice chaps at Response Systems have come out with a new tool. It's called QA Console which is an automated Quality Assurance tool for the Gen market. As well as giving you a standard customisable suite of rules such as naming conventions, it also lets you build your own QA rules using Gen itself. Quite clever, really!

We have all worked at sites where highly paid advisers wade in after a game of golf with the CEO, and announce that they will build some huge Gen project with hundreds of developers, to be released expensively and with great fanfare at some future date for an astonishing sum of money. We then all get paid stupidly high rates until the thing inevitably collapses under its own weight and we all get laid off. Sounds familiar?
Well, it is nice to see the boot has been on the other foot for a change. Those same highly paid advisers, intent on "modernising" the Australian Tax Office (already posessed of arguably one of the best tax IT systems in the world), had previously announced an enormously expensive and technically suspect conversion from Gen to Siebel; everybody beneath senior management level laughed hysterically and most of us jumped ship before it got too embarassing. The thing has been creaking on at great expense for several years now, and the ATO have now quietly announced that they are going back to Gen. Even the local Canberra Times was suitably scathing; you can read about it here.

We now have CCCCC groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Feel free to join, if you feel suitably geeky.

EDGE user group have posted a couple of interesting documents, a CA White Paper on existing customers' 'return on investment', and a Butler Group White Paper on Gen as a flagship for Model Driven Design.

IET, the makers of GuardIEn, have come out with a shiny new tool which seems pretty impressive. Their VerifIEr checks through a subset or a whole model and tells you if your local standards have been applied. Read more about it at where you can also register for a live demo.

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